[Won Retreat] Resilience Within: Nurturing Inner Strength Through Meditation

Resilience Within: Nurturing Inner Strength Through Meditation

Labor Day Weekend Retreat

Begin: Friday, September 1, 2023 (Check-in from 3pm)
End: Monday, September 4, 2023

Location: Won Dharma Center (Click HERE for directions)
Contact:  info@wondharmacenter.org / 518-851-2581

Registration: Click HERE.

Please read our COVID Safety Protocols for In-person Retreats

Registration is now OPEN.

Resilience Within: Nurturing Inner Strength through Meditation

Join us as we delve into the transformative practice of meditation, uncovering the resilience that lies within and empowering ourselves to navigate life’s challenges with renewed strength and clarity.

During this, 4-day retreat, you will find solace and rejuvenation. The natural surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for moments of deep introspection, fostering a sense of calm and renewal. Through periods of silence and reflection, you will have the opportunity to connect with your innermost self, nurturing a resilient mindset and fostering a greater sense of well-being.

Whether you are seeking to overcome personal setbacks, manage stress more effectively, or simply cultivate a greater sense of resilience in your daily life, this retreat offers a sanctuary for growth and transformation.

Beginner practitioners will be taught the essentials of meditation, such as proper body posture and breathing methods, as well as basic concentration techniques. Practitioners with more experience will have the opportunity to deepen their practice.

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Retreat rate per person

This retreat is priced on a sliding scale for those who might need financial support. Please note that our regular retreat fee is set as the highest rate.

  • Single room $550
  • 2-bed room $370~440
  • 4-bed room  $330 (minimum 3 people required)
  • Camper $250
  • Commuter $220

Please complete registration by (1) fill in the application form and (2) submitting payment. A $50 nonrefundable deposit is required for all reservations. To reserve a spot, you use the PayPal button below.

We recommend you use PayPal for your deposit, for your convenience. However, since PayPal charges the WDC a fee (3.49%) for each transaction, we request that the balance be paid via check, if possible. The remaining balance can be paid upon arrival.

Please make your check payable to Won Dharma Center and mail it to: Won Dharma Center 361 Route 23 Claverack, NY, 12513

Guiding Teachers

Rev. Dosung Yoo is dedicated to modernizing Buddhist thought and tenets so that they are accessible and useful in enriching everyday life.  Currently, Rev. Yoo is at the Won Dharma Center in upstate New York actively building a spiritual community in support of practitioners from various traditions to realize their inner life and peace. Read More

Rev. Doyeon Park is a Kyomunim, literally meaning one who devotes oneself to teach Buddha dharma in the Won Buddhist tradition. She has served as a minister of the Manhattan Won Buddhist Temple and a representative of Won Buddhism to the United Nations since 2008. Also, she serves as the Buddhist chaplain at Columbia University and New York University, the president of the Buddhist Council of New York and the co-chair of the Committee of Religious NGOs at the United Nations. Read More

Cancellation & Refund Policy

  • If you cancel 7 or more days prior to the retreat, your payment will be refunded in full (less the $50 non-refundable deposit).
  • If you cancel less than 7 days in advance, a nonrefundable credit toward a future Won Dharma Center programs available. This credit will expire one year from the original retreat date.
  • No credit or refund is available if you cancel on the retreat arrival date, or if you leave the retreat early for any reason.

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