[Won Retreat] Meditation as the Path to Our True Nature

[Won Retreat] Meditation as the Path to Our True Nature

Memorial Day Weekend Meditation Retreat: Meditation as the Path to Our True Nature

Begin: Friday, May 26, 2023, 7:00pm (Check-in from 3pm)
End: Monday, May 29, 2023, 12:00pm

Registration: HERE

Location: Won Dharma Center (Click HERE for directions)
Contact:  info@wondharmacenter.org / 518-851-2581

Meditation as the Path to Our True Nature

Registration is now open. Please click HERE to register.

We often hear about the benefits of meditation, yet even as we practice, most of us find it challenging to remain peaceful and focused. This is especially true as we engage in the daily activities of our lives.

However, we can skillfully overcome these challenges by learning various forms of meditation and applying them directly, both on and off the cushion.

This allows us to be prepared for any situation we may encounter in our lives.

During this retreat, we will study and practice meditation in its various forms, including sitting, moving, chanting, bowing and walking meditation. Through this training, we will develop an awareness of how differing styles of practice can help to maintain a peaceful and meditative state of mind.

As our meditation deepens, our wisdom and compassion grows naturally, leading to a rich and fruitful practice and revealing the inherent goodness of our true nature. The development of our awareness and wisdom will then directly lessen our suffering. The freedom we seek is both possible and available in this life.

Together we will sit silently, walk intentionally, chant with sincerity, eat mindfully, and listen to dharma talks intently. We will be led by the Won Dharma Reverends (Kyomunims) who will support the growth of our practice.

For this retreat, we also are happy to invite Elizabeth Ferry, a certified sound practitioner, as a guest teacher. She will guide us into a deep stillness with her crystal bowls and Koshi chime.

Join this retreat and engage in the transformative experience that training in a complete meditation practice offers.

To register, click HERE.

Retreat Fee

  • Single room: $550.00 (All sold out)
  • 2-bed room: $370.00 ~ $440.00 (2 beds available)
  • 4-bed room: $330.00 (All sold out)
  • Camper: $250.00
  • Commuter: $220.00

To complete registration, please (1) fill in the application form and (2) make a payment. A $50 nonrefundable deposit is required for all reservations. To make a reservation, you may use PayPal button below.

We encourage you to use PayPal only for your deposit, for your convenience. However, since PayPal charges the WDC a fee (3.49%) for each transaction, we request that the balance be paid via check or credit card, if possible. You can pay the balance upon your arrival.

Please make your check payable to Won Dharma Center and mail it to: Won Dharma Center 361 Route 23 Claverack, NY, 12513

Guiding Teachers:

Cancellation & Refund Policy

  • If you cancel 7 or more days prior to the retreat, your payment will be refunded in full (less the $50 non-refundable deposit).
  • If you cancel less than 7 days in advance, a nonrefundable credit toward a future Won Dharma Center programs available. This credit will expire one year from the original retreat date.
  • No credit or refund is available if you cancel on the retreat arrival date, or if you leave the retreat early for any reason.

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