Frequently Asked Questions

You do not have to be a member to enjoy Won Dharma.
The grounds are open from dawn to dusk every day from April through November. Come and enjoy the 7 miles of walking trails. For your safety, the trails are not open during the winter months (December to March)
Our Wednesday evening Meditation sessions and Sunday morning are free and everyone is welcome. (Donations gratefully accepted)
Our Thursday evening ($5- suggested donation) community yoga and Friday morning chair yoga ($8 – suggested donation) classes are also open for drop-ins.

No. Won Dharma is open to people of any religion, or no religion at all.

We would love to introduce anyone/everyone to meditation.
If you are interested, come to our 7:00 pm Wednesday session by 6:30pm, or on Sunday morning at 9:30 before our 10:00 am Dharma Service. At that time a minister would be happy to teach you the basics. Return as often as you wish. Attendance is not mandatory, nor is it required to become a member of Won Dharma.

No, you do not have to sit on the floor. You may sit comfortably on extra cushions, a meditation bench or a chair.

It is not necessary to commit to numerous sessions of yoga. You are welcome to attend when it is convenient for you.

Our yoga instructors teach to all levels. Students are not expected to practice at the level of the instructor. Yoga positions can be modified for each person.

Definitely, our walking trails are open to the public, from dawn to dusk from April through November. Trail maps are available at the entry of our driveway, along with other brochures and information. Maps are also available just inside the entryway of One World Hall (our Administration Building. Feel free to stop in and visit. You may park in either of our large parking lots. Most convenient might be the lot closest to our garden barn/garage.

Yes, dogs on leashes are welcome. We ask that you please clean up after your dog.

A perfect introduction would be to attend one of our dharma services (Wednesday 7:00pm, Sunday 10:00 am). You can come thirty minutes earlier and approach one of our Ministers to ask questions before the service begins.
Additionally, if you would like to have one-hour session for meditation instruction/individual interview with one of our ministers, please call first to make an appointment. (518) 851-2581, or send an email to info@wondharmacenter.org. ($30 donation is appreciated.)

Our schedule is most often limited to early morning meditation (6-7am) everyday, Wednesday evening Meditation (7-8:30pm) Thursday evening yoga (6-7:15pm), Friday morning Chair Yoga (10-11:15 am) Saturday morning Mind Study (10-11:30am) and Sunday morning Dharma Service (10-11:30am).

However, we also host retreats throughout the year. Please see our website to see what is being offered.

Most often, yes, especially for our regular weekly programs.
However, in order to participate in our retreats, you must register in advance.

Every year we develop and host retreats central to meditation and Won Buddhism.
We also provide yoga, tai-chi, and other spiritual practice retreats with guest instructors.
Check our website to find dates, subject matter, price and registration procedures.

With a single room, there is complete privacy with a few steps to the nearest shared bathroom.

A double or a quad room will not provide the same privacy, but our retreat guests that are hoping to cut back on expenses are happy to share a room.

Because our buildings are crafted with beautiful oak hardwood floors and minimal decorations, sound does travel. If you feel you would benefit from earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones, feel free to bring them.

Otherwise, we believe the comfort of our facilities will provide you with a restful sleep.

There is air conditioning in the Meditation Hall and Dining Room.
There is no air conditioning in the residence houses, but each room has a variable-speed ceiling fan.

  • Water bottle with lid
  • long light-colored socks (to avoid ticks)
  • a flashlight
  • comfortable loose clothing
  • outerwear appropriate to the season
  • umbrella
  • hiking shoes
  • shawl or blanket to drape around your shoulders during meditation
  • sunglasses/sunscreen
  • insect repellent
  • necessary medications
  • toiletries/personal hygiene products

Smoking, vaping, using illegal drugs or alcohol are not permitted on the WDC campus. Persons who violate this rule may be asked to leave immediately, with no refund of fees paid.

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