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Membership of the Won Dharma Center (WDC) is open to all, regardless of one’s faith in the spirit of open community. WDC is Open Circle, Open to People, Open to Community, Open Minded with Open Spirit. As you become comfortable with Won Buddhist teaching and practice through regular attendance at dharma service (at least for a year) and meditation retreat, we encourage you to become a member. Becoming a member of the WDC is an acknowledgment of one’s connection to the Buddhist practice on the path of awakening. It is a way to make a commitment to practice and support our spiritual community, through mindfulness, regular retreat and voluntary service.

Your membership is crucial to building our community dedicated to awakening, compassion, and wisdom.

Become a Member

A Dharma Name Ceremony marks the beginning of your journey as a Won Buddhist. The refuge of a dharma name is not the culminations of study or of a process. It is a personal commitment to oneself and a public dedication to the path of awakening. Your Dharma Name is a reminder of your own divine Buddha Nature. By becoming a member of Won Dharma Retreat Center, one makes commitment to uncover one’s own inner beauty and intrinsic goodness.

If you are interested in receiving a dharma name, please contact us.

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