Receiving a Dharma Name

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Membership of the Won Dharma Center (WDC) is open to everyone. We welcome people of all nationalities, cultures, ages, genders, sexual orientations, and spiritual backgrounds.

Becoming a Dharma Name Holder:

In Won Buddhism, receiving a dharma name is an acknowledgement of one’s commitment to practice and connection to this dharma community. It is a way to provide special opportunities to develop your practice.

We encourage you to become a dharma name holder. Please consult with us when you are comfortable with Won Buddhist teachings and practice, have regularly attended dharma services for at least a year, and have helped sustain our community with your time and financial support.

Dharma Name Ceremony

A Dharma Name Ceremony marks the beginning of your journey as a Won Buddhist. The refuge of a dharma name is not the culmination of study or of a process. It is a personal commitment to oneself and a public dedication to the path of awakening. Your Dharma Name is a reminder of your own divine Buddha Nature.

If you would like to have one-on-one interview with a kyomunim (Won Buddhist Priest) regarding receiving a dharma name, please contact us.

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