Rev. Yoo

Rev. Dosung Yoo

Director, Won Dharma Retreat Center

Rev. Dosung Yoo is dedicated to modernizing Buddhist thought and practice so that they are accessible and useful in enriching our everyday lives.

A teacher and lecturer of meditation, Buddhism, and the Won Buddhist dharma in the United States and in Korea, Rev. Yoo is currently serving as the Director of the Won Dharma Center in Hudson, New York. He is actively building a spiritual community in support of practitioners from various traditions to realize their inner life and peaceful nature.

He is a writer, editor, and translator: the author of Thunderous Silence: A Formula for Ending Suffering (Wisdom Publications, 2013); publisher and translator of The Method of Sitting Meditation by Venerable Chwasan (Won Media, 2018); Tales of a Modern Sage (Won Dharma Publications, 2012); The Moon Rises in Empty Space by Venerable Kyongsan (Won Dharma Publications, 2012); The Principles for Training the Mind by Venerable Chwasan (Won Dharma Publications, 2022).

He was ordained a Kyomunim, a minister in the Won Buddhist Order in 1994, and served as minister at the Seoul Meditation Center (1994-2000).

He has led multiple retreats and taught meditation, Buddhism, and Won Buddhist dharma throughout the United States.

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