Rev. Yeowon

Dharma Teacher

Rev. Yeowon Jo is currently serving at the Won Dharma Center after majoring in Won-Buddhism at Youngsan University of Sŏn Studies, Korea (B. A.) and Won Institute of Graduate Studies, PA (M.A.). She embarked on her journey as an ordained devotee in 2022 and has been working at the Won Dharma Center since 2023.

During her tenure as a high school teacher in Korea, she recognized the detrimental impact of an exam-focused education system on students’ well-being. Her attendance at the Seoul Citizen’s Meditation Center introduced her to the inspiring Won Study Human Nature Education Program, rooted in Won-Buddhist principles. Becoming a mentor, she witnessed students’ remarkable transformation from self-doubt to self-belief, guiding them towards the pursuit of their grand dreams.

Yeowon holds a deep reverence for the lineage of accomplished masters in Won-Buddhism, whose profound teachings have left an indelible mark on her heart, shaping her spiritual journey. Through these experiences, she wholeheartedly recognized the great Way of Il-Won as a beacon of hope and a guiding path for individuals, families, businesses, society, the nation, and the future of the world.

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