Who We Are

Won Dharma Center is an Open Circle of teachers and students, neighbors and visitors, young and old, from any faith to no faith. We gather to make our commitment to reduce and eliminate suffering in the world and to provide a safe and eco-friendly space for nurturing holistic well-being and spiritual growth.

2016 Memorial Weekend Meditation Retreat

memorial day meditation retreat

Insight Meditation: A Path to Conscious Living
May 27 (Friday) ~ May 30 (Monday), 2016
Registration is FULL

During this retreat we will explore some ideas from Buddhist psychology that has made their way into Western thinking. We will look at Buddhist concepts of the self and the desire for happiness that motivates all of us. Some questions we might explore: can we know and understand our selves better through meditation? How does meditation assist our understanding of the self and desire as they frame our pursuit of happiness? Does meditation help us cope better with life’s challenges? Can meditation help us lead happier and more satisfying lives?

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2016 Independence Day Weekend Meditation Retreat

Independence Day Weekend Meditation Retreat

Meditation and the Path to Gratitude
July 1 (Friday) ~ July 4 (Monday), 2016

If your life is full of dissatisfaction and unease, and if you would like to be free from this burden, discovering gratitude is one of the best paths. The Buddha and enlightened masters through time worked to end human dissatisfaction and suffering by teaching the dharma of gratitude as the foundation of meditation and our spiritual journey.

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Steven Hartman’s Acharaya Intensive Retreat

August 14th -19th, 2016 (Sunday - Friday)
Won Dharma Center, New York

Acharaya Intensive
with Devarshi Steven Hartman Jovinna Chan and the Acharya Family

This retreat is a private event and registration is closed.

This 12-month program, the Acharya Intensive includes over 175 contact hours of training, coaching and mentoring: Three 5-day intensive workshops, and a minimum of ten hours of personal coaching and many virtual small group mentoring sessions. Twelve participants will be selected from an application/interview process assessing applicants’ fervor for the path of growth, ardent self-examination, willingness to commit to a yearlong daily practice, (co-crafted, mentored by Devarshi and co-leaders), and a seva (service) project intended to expand the acharya’s reach and wisdom in the world.

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Beginner’s Mind Sesshin (NY Zen Center for Comtemplative Care)

June 13th -19th, 2016 (Monday - Sunday)
Won Dharma Center, New York

Participating in a Sesshin offers an opportunity to bring the heart and mind together and touch your essential nature. The Precepts are guidelines for living a full and ethical life and help us continually awaken to our true nature. Join us on this silent retreat that will culminate with a JUKAI celebration, where NYZCCC students will take their Bodhisattva Vows.

All are welcome to join us in this 7 day silent retreat, register here.

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It is a practice that calms delusive thoughts and manifests one’s true nature.
It is a method that causes the fire energy to descend and the water energy to ascend.